Our Best English & French Baby Books

In continuation of the article ‘Fostering Literacy and Bilingualism in Children,’ we’ve curated a selection of our best English & French Baby Books. These books are intended to inspire you to read stories to your children from birth.

These carefully selected books hold a special place in my heart, cherished not only by me as a child for some of them but also by my three children. They are charming, heartwarming, humorous, and intellectually stimulating, offering an unforgettable visual experience. The proof lies in the response of my 15-year-old daughter, who, upon seeing this selection, exclaimed, ‘Oh, I’d love to read them again.’ These books are like hugs for the soul, transporting us to moments of shared tenderness.

The suggested age range is merely indicative; children will continue to enjoy these books upon revisiting them later. Additionally, in future articles, I will be introducing you to books for the following age group that I’ve read to my children at earlier stages. Therefore, I encourage you not to be swayed solely by these recommendations; after all, reading is an act of freedom.

With the exception of ‘Mr. Wuffles,’ and a few French books, all these books are hardback, making them easy for your little ones to handle. However, learning how to handle a paper book without tearing its pages is also an important part of their education. You can guide them in this process and provide support as they learn. Click on each book to explore more. And don’t hesitate to tell us your favourites!

English book selection for newborn up to 3+

French book selection for newborn up to 3+

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  1. Bonjour Ninon, merci pour cette sélection, j’ai un bébé d’un an, ça donne envie de tous les acheter 😅🤩 ps: vive les blogs!

    • Bonjour ! Merci pour ce petit message Blandine.
      I know! Ils sont tellement chouettes tous ces livres, souvenir de moments de tendresse avec mes enfants.
      Et oui, je suis bien d’accord, vive les blogs ! Bonnes lectures partagées ♥️

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