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A family visiting a Mexican mansion

Our Story

Our story is not your typical family tale. It’s a story of wanderlust, curiosity, and a profound love for learning through travel. The world became our classroom, and our children, our greatest teachers. What started as a wild idea has blossomed into a way of life that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Jeune fille en habit traditionnel grec

What We’re all about

We are storytellers, filmmakers and passionate travellers. We share our experiences and insights from a unique perspective, that of a family on the move, exploring different parts of the world. Our blog isn’t just about travel; it’s about living life to the full, cherishing every moment and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about worldschooling, making the world our textbook and cultural immersion our classroom. Our children grow up as global citizens, fluent in several languages and enriched by diverse perspectives. We are delighted to share our adventures, advice and the profound impact travelling together has had on our family.

Slowmad (coming September 2024)