Poss O’Malley: The Lamington Detective (English)


Softcover book

From age 7

12 x 20 cm – 30 pages

ISBN: 978-2494724013

Release date: February 2023 ©TheWays2Teach

Explore the southern hemisphere with the Friends from all over the World collection!

Poss O’Malley is out of work and worse, out of lamingtons ! His night is off to a bad start.
But little does he know that his sweet tooth will change the course of his life.

©2023 The Ways 2 Teach

Isbn : 978-2494724013


The Friends from all over the world collection was created to help children become independent readers and develop their ability to read increasingly thick and complex books.

Ninon Dufrénois, author (Rosalie – Voce Verso 2022) and Tom E.B., teacher of foreign languages and literature, invite young readers aged 7 to 10 to discover new horizons and cultures through the adventures of endearing heroes such as Poss O’Malley, an Australian possum, and Marceau Sifflotin, an Alpine marmot.
Each story introduces animals, places and a cultural identity, all with a touch of humour and a rich, varied vocabulary to help young readers develop their language skills and spark their curiosity.


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